About Izzie

Isabelle Christenson was a spunky, smart, feisty, caring, and thoughtful child. She loved Tinkerbell and the movie Annie. She approached each day with a positive attitude and displayed a never-give-up spirit that naturally drew people to her.

During her short life, Isabelle required two transplants. In 2004, when she was only 6-years-old, she received a stomach, liver, small bowel, duodenum and pancreas. In 2006, she had a kidney transplant. Her transplants were her "Gift of Life" and, even at such a young age, she was a strong advocate for the importance of organ donation because Izzie was always looking out for others. Unfortunately, Izzie passed away at age 10½ on August 13, 2008.

To help fulfill Izzie's hopes and dreams, the Izzie's Gifts of Hope Foundation was established under the Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Read the mission statement.